Sunplus SPMP8000 ToolsEdit

Name Download
FRM Pro v3.3 Download


FRM v1.3.0.6* FRM v1.3.0.6
FRM_v1.1.0.2 Download
FRM_v0.9.1.8 Download


Translated manual of the tools[1] - [ Download ]

  • FRM v1.3.0.6 have the ability to 'wrap' image. It's mean you can pack your own firmware from folder.

Homebrew ToolsEdit

Name Usage Developer Download Discussion
FRMorp v1.2 Firmware Dumping Download Openschemes
sUNpack Tools 2010 Firmware Extractor and Editor gordgelin


Google Docs Megaupload

sprdump Firmware extractor Download Openschemes

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